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What inspires me about Cassandra’s overall message on so many levels, includes but also goes beyond her high-level capacities in rational, analytical thought, her superbly high level of intellect, and her extensive knowledge and experience base. What this miraculous healing arts practitioner, holistic life-coach coach, and most importantly this human being has to offer the world and that we all need so desperately right now on this planet is a way and how to connect to most important energy in the universe:




The technology, experience and message of Cassandra, along with her ability to use nature as a healing and symbolic conceptual tool will be used to heal, regulate and improve brainwave states (and other  key physiological rhythms from CNS to hormonal) and by it's very essence deal and heal challenges we humans collectively and individually have faced past, present and future and beyond.


EVERYONE needs "love" and to connect to their "heart"... I put that in quotes because some things are just beyond language and require great levels of consciousness on a spherical (as opposed to a linear) level for the deepest capacity of our understanding.


Welcome to your amazing upcoming journey and marvelous experiences starting the presence of this very breath!


Ari Arom MATCM, L.Ac




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